I’m Millie, I love to draw. I am inspired by nature, minimalist patterns and subtle textures. I love to play with the magic of watercolour and ink.

Each print starts off as a simple pencil drawing. The drawing often takes on a life of its own when deciding what details or textured areas to add with watercolour or coloured pencil. Finally prints are digitally scanned and processed before being sent for printing. I try to keep a natural feeling to the work without bringing in too many digital elements.

Most of my drawings happen in series and you can see these different projects on my Portfolio page.

What I hope you will find here at Millie Art Studio is art for your home that is fun and modern but also has a hand drawn feel to it –  seen in the fine stroke of a pencil mark or the gentle wash of water colour paint.

If you have any comments or questions I would love to hear from you. Feel free to say hi at millie@millieart.com or visit the contact page.

Thanks for stopping by!

King of the Jungle A3